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Announcement for Bowlers – For those of you who have been with us for many years, from Pontins Blackpool and Prestatyn days, you will be saddened to hear that Joe Young (pictured far right) who worked on our Festivals from the start has passed away at the age of 92.

Joe was Les Rigby’s Best Man and jumped at the chance as a decent bowler in his own right from the Wigan area, to help on the inaugural Festival at Pontins Blackpool back in 1989. In that first year, Joe’s job was delivering the packed lunches to the Greens for Bowlers everyday when the package was “Full Board”. After that Joe became a Results recorder for many years, retiring from our Festivals 12 or so years ago. Joe was a great story teller and good company, and he will be sadly missed.

Rest In Peace Joe.


Coronavirus Update

Esselle Sports and the Hotel Sheraton are committed to maintaining the good health of our guests in avoiding potential needless risks, and, unfortunately, having 200 guests in the Hotel and on the Greens for our Spring Bowling Festival, we believe, would be reckless and ill-advised. These are unprecedented times, and we need to take unprecedented measures.

Therefore, the Spring Festival is being postponed to March 21 – 26, 2021. We do not have a crystal ball to foresee how long this state of emergency will last, but we expect that your own leagues will have to reschedule Club fixtures as well as those Clubs we use in the Blackpool and Cleveleys area, so we cannot guess when they will be available to us again, or when the Hotel will be clear to accept guests in safety.   

To facilitate this decision –

** All bookings for next weeks’ Festival are transferred to 2021 exactly as they are booked at present ie room types, and rooming list all remain the same.

** Any guests who have still not paid their final balances can choose not to pay that balance, but as the due date for paying that balance has expired, would forfeit their deposit. However, by paying the balance before the 22nd March, 2020 they would retain their guaranteed places and rooms for 2021

** Any guests who hold Holiday insurance and who prefer to claim on their insurance rather than have their funds carried over, will be provided with a Cancellation invoice to allow them to process that claim, but otherwise no payments can be refunded. Please contact our office if you require a Cancellation invoice.

We sincerely hope that you agree and understand the steps laid out above which are taken with the well-being and continued good health of our guests in mind. We wouldn’t want to lose any of you for the sake of a few games of Bowls! Let’s hope that if we meet up later this year at other events that we can reflect on a wise decision for everyone’s benefit.

Hope to see you soon,

Steve Rigby

Esselle Sports Management Ltd