About Us

Esselle Sports Management

Esselle Sports Management was founded by Les and Stephen Rigby in 1991, as a consolidation of business and sporting experience covering more than 40 years, with the aim of concentrating on three major areas of interest – Leisure and Recreation, Sports Promotions and Travel. From offices based in rural Lancashire, but close to the hub of the sporting North-West of England, this rapidly expanding company has already made a considerable impact in:

• Organising Sporting & Recreational events.
• Improving Skill and Knowledge levels of Sporting participants world-wide

Esselle are now providing expertise in several important areas:

• Tours, Travel and Hotels
• Organising any event be it Sport, Recreation or Business related.
• Travel & Hotel solutions for Professional Sports Teams.
• Event support such as Transport and Accommodation.
• Tour operations for other tour operators.

Esselle can provide its clients the expertise and professionalism to help you and your organisation in any of the above areas.